Painting Prestige Collection DIPI A217

The art emotion. Not only simple paintings, but also a wide collection able to change every room into an art gallery. Original paintings, painted one by one by the expert hands of our artists and reproduced in more copies in order to give our customers the opportunity to hang on the walls a masterpiece, also referring to the price.

Purchase options
  • Just paint
  • Painting with frame 456
  • Painting with frame 457
  • Painting with frame 6045
  • Painting with frame 6240
  • Painting with frame 6555
  • Painting with frame 6670
VAT excluded


Masterpieces with the signature Prestige paintings combine the handmade value to the theme subjects with refined taste and to precious materical applications. Behind every piece there is an artist and behind every painting there is a certificate, to guarantee that it is a faithful reproduction (realised by artisans) of the original one.

Product Details

Frame Measurements
100 X 100 Cm
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