MOUNTBOARD ECO White Core, 1.2 mm DE...

MOUNTBOARD ECO White Core, 1.2 mm DE 81 x 120 cm.

MOUNTBOARD ECO, model with 1.2 mm white core, MOUNTBOARD  available in standard sizes, by sheets of 81 x 120 cms or in bags of 25 sheets.


Si quiere que le cortemos un passpartout a medida con ventanas o un dibujo, envíen el archivo o indique el número y las medidas acotadas exteriores e interiores de las ventanas y le enviaremos un presupuesto.
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Size of the Passpartout
  • Hoja Suelta 81 X 120 Cm
  • 1001 ECO
  • 1071 ECO
  • 1072 ECO
Passpartout ECO
VAT excluded


From Kraft and recycled and whitened fibers, buffered with 3% of calcium carbonate (CaCo3), pH between 7,0 and 9,0. NO YELLOWING. Its composition facilitates a clean and precise bevel cut. The backing cover paper is acid-free, neutral pH buffered with 3% of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) of approximate value of 7,8 (+/- 0,5).

Important: The passepartout colour tablets are merely indicative and may not correspond to reality or vary depending on the device where they are displayed. For this reason, Inglet always recommends corroborating the color and reference of the passepartout from actual physical samples prior to purchase and is not responsible for errors resulting from omitting this process.

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