Canva on Frame Ref: 0354
Canva on Frame Ref: 0354
Canva on Frame Ref: 0354

Canva on Frame Ref: 0354

Image power does not change in the canvases: these are pictures printed onto a support, a particular canvas that is completely printed – sides includedcreating a modern third dimension effect. The most versatile and cheap solution to decorate the walls in an original way.

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  • Solo Canva sin Moldura
  • Canva Framed with Ref: 421
Canva 0354
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Colour comes alive on the canvas. Canvas simulates a painting and the texture is the most suitable one to print pictures: strong and long lasting and it adds deepness to the colours. Wonderful landscapes or pattern inspired by nature are the subjects of this light canvases that, having a wooden chassis, do not need a frame.

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Frame Measurements
50 X 100 Cm
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