Walnut moulding 70x17 mm

Walnut moulding 70x17 mm

Custom-made frame, made with wooden moulding and with the possibility of adding glass and a backrest.


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Interior measurements frames
  • 20 X 30 Cm
  • 40 X 50 Cm
  • 50 X 70 Cm
  • 70 X 100 Cm
  • 90 X 120 Cm
  • 100 X 140 Cm
  • 120 X 160 Cm
  • 130 X 180 Cm
  • 100 X 200 Cm
  • 130 X 200 Cm
  • Barra 3 m
  • Cut
  • Cut and assembled
  • With Methacrylate and Backing
Moldura 229-04
VAT included

Quantity Discount You Save
5 €6.05 Up to €30.25


If you want a very special measure, another type of glass (matt, gloss or museum ...) or a special back (photo frame, adhesive ...) please contact us.

Our CMGdecor mouldings comply with all quality controls. They can be sold in bars, packages, cut to size or assembled. CMGdecor products are always adjusted to the needs of our customers.

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