Foamboard White with adhesive of 10 mm

Foamboard White with adhesive of 10 mm

Foamboard withe with adhesive , in sheets of 100 x 200 Cm


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  • optional 250 char. max
Medida del Cristal
  • Hoja de 100 x 200 cm ( indicar medida a cortar no superior a 150 cm )
VAT excluded


Polystyrene core CFC free and coated with white satin plasticized paper on both sides. This foamboard is moisture resistant and has an excellent toughness and rigidity. It allows a clean and easy cut.

High quality self-adhesive surface on one side that allows to stick different supports as pritns, pictures, clothes, etc.

It can be also used for suspended mountings, placing it under the motif to be hanged in the air.

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