Foamboard White of 10 mm

Foamboard White of 10 mm

Foamboard White , in sheets of 100 x 200 Cm


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  • optional 250 char. max
Medida del Cristal
  • Hoja Suelta 100 X 200 Cm
  • Caja de 10 hojas de 100 X 200 Cm
CP/10 MM
VAT excluded



- Cutting, contouring and drilling, clean and burr-free.

- Perfect as back and support for sheets, photographs, fabrics...

- Because of its lightness it is perfect for airborne billboards.

- It allows direct digital printing.

- Excellent value for money.


Small photo-mount jobs, printing, laminating, pop ups, displays, posters, graphic samples, decoration and other artistic applications.

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