Wall mirror with wood trim, model...
Wall mirror with wood trim, model...

Wall mirror with wood trim, model E-115 Y E-343

Custom-made decorative wall mirror, made of wood moulding.


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Purchase options
  • 40 X 40 mm ( REF: 115 )
  • 30 X 30 mm ( REF: 343 )
  • WHITE -08
  • BLACK - 03
  • 115-343- GOLD-50
  • 115-343-SILVER-60
Medidas Interiores Espejos
  • 50 X 70 Cm
  • 70 X 100 Cm
  • 50 X 120 Cm
  • 50 X 150 Cm
E-115 Y E-343
VAT included


Decorative mirror ideal for your home, office, studio or second home, ask us about other measures.

The indicated size corresponds to the mirror, the interior measure, not the total exterior with the frame. Includes 3 mm mirror and DMF back with 2 wall hangers.

Our wooden wall mirror has a modern and decorative design and can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Product Details

Molding width
High molding
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